Go out for a walk once a day
If your baby gives you a hard time at night, keep him or her active during the day.

No more than 2 hours of snoozing per day
Reduce the nap time.

Place mommy’s clothe over baby’s blanket
Reduce your baby’s separation anxiety by covering the baby with mommy’s clothes.

Soft, clean Jammies defeat sleepless nights
Babies usually have higher body temperature than grownups. Jammies made of high quality cotton is soft, snuggly, and ventilated. The combination of these three will keep your baby to enjoy his or her sweet dreams.

When you gently pat your baby, make sure you pace in sync with mommy’s heartbeat
Babies remember mommy’s heartbeat from the good old days that they spent in the womb. Believe me, it would help assuaging them.

Freeze! Don’t move!
A baby’s snoozing sound is definitely a thankful sign for mommies. However, you should not automatically assume that your baby fell into a deep sleep. Wait for additional 15-30 minutes, and you’ll be able to move the baby to his or her crib without waking him or her up. A gentle touchdown!

Avoid breastfeeding at night
Babies love sucking their mom’s nipple to get comfort. Many times, you’ll find crying baby at night is not really hungry. If you don’t keep the time for feeding your baby consistent, your little one may grow the habit of waking up in the middle of the night.