Why is my baby crying?
What do you do when your baby cries? Most moms would either feed their babies or check the diapers. But there could be more than those two reasons to your little one’s cry.


I am hungry! 
If your baby whimpers, he or she might be hungry.

My diaper is wet!
At first, your baby will cry hysterically as if he or she is surprised. The sharp cry will change into whimpers as time goes by. Normally, babies cry out of inconvenience and surprise when their diapers are wet.

Carry me! 
My baby doesn’t want to be fed, and his/her diaper is clean. Nor she wants to go to sleep. What’s going on? In this case, your baby might just need your warm embrace.

I want to go to sleep! 
If you baby blinks his or her eyes with a huge yawn – and most importantly with a whimper. You’re almost there of putting her on a sleep! Pat your little one gently on his/her back. Your baby will be sound asleep soon!

I am sick!
All of sudden, your baby cries in a high-pitched, piercing scream with big body motions, he or she would likely to be ill. Check body temperature. If the baby exhibits any sign of a fever or other symptoms, take him or her to the hospital immediately.