Check the body temperature first.
If your infant is less than a month old, immediately go to the hospital. If the baby’s body temperature is over 38 degree Celsius, you may give your child Tylenol as advised on the instruction. An infant less than three months old should not take any medication without doctor’s prescription.
Gently undress your baby to let the heat out. There is possibility of babies’ hands and feet to get cold. Put on socks to prevent this.

Do not wash your baby with cold water.
Dampened the towel with warm water and gently massage the baby’s body. Stop immediately if the baby shows any sign of loosing too much body temperature. Avoid dehydration. Let your baby drink enough water. It is also advisable to let the baby sit in a tub with moderate temperature water.


Consult with a physician under the following circumstances:

  • Infant (3-6 months) is having a fever over 38.9 degrees Celsius.
  • Infant (less than 3 months)’s anal temperature is over 38 degree Celsius.
  • 6 months+ old infant is having a fever over 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Baby cries hysterically with even a slight touch or motion.
  • When the baby shows a sign of dehydration.
  • When the baby exhibits spasm with a fever.