16 Feb Baby Steps: Make Room for Daddy


Even with today’s increase of shared parenting duties, Moms often are the primary caretaker for baby immediately after birth and through the first few months of life, and that makes sense, especially if Mom is breastfeeding or providing breast milk.

But sometimes Dad can feel a little left out when a strong preference is shown for Mom.

It’s not uncommon for babies to scream when Daddy is trying to take care of the baby. Dr. Anita Sethi from the ‘Parenting’ magazine recommends Mommy and Daddy to take it one step at a time (baby steps, if you will!) and give room for Daddy.

Babies tend to create a strong bond with Mommy around 4 to 5 months, and develop separation anxiety with the arrival of stranger – sadly in this case, Daddy. Therefore, it is best to get the babies comfortable with Dad as soon as possible.

To start, Daddy should try giving the baby a bottle during the daytime. Feeding babies during the daytime is better for new Dads, since daytime bottles are generally less associated with ritual and the baby will probably be less tired than at night. Ideally, during Daddy’s feeding times, Mommy should stay out of the way; babies will rapidly learn and accept that moms and dads have different interacting styles.

Letting Daddy play a smaller role in bedtime ritual is also great in creating Daddy-Baby bond. Dad can start taking over one aspect of the rituals, such as changing the diaper, giving baby bath, and staying around as Mommy takes over the rest.

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