Foods for Smarter and Healthier Baby!

Nom. Nom. Nom. Lifelong appreciation of tastes starts as early as infancy. If you are currently breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it’s a good idea to start thinking ahead. Here’s is a list of delicious veggies and fruits that your little one will not only eat, but gulp down to grow smarter and healthier!

1. Avocado: It’s green, can be easily crushed, creamy and most importantly, extremely rich in unsaturated fats. Guess who this green guy is? A…for Avocado! Unsaturated fat is unlike the notorious saturated fat; it’s essential for baby’s brain development. Mash it up with cream cheese or other fruits and veggie. Your feeding time is good to go!

2. Squash: Another good mix-up partner for baby food is here! Squash is a small guy that has all the vitamins A and C. It has the natural sweet taste and creamy texture, which is perfect for swirling it up with other veggie and fruits like avocado.

3. Broccoli: If your baby is reluctant to eating broccoli for it tastes like eating a “tree,” we have a fair point made for you: “If you want to grow tall like a tree, you have to eat lots of broccoli!” Indeed, this leading figure of green veggie has lots of folate, fiber and calcium.

4. Meat: Probably overlooked by many parents as potential baby food ingredient, meat can be very handy when you want to provide your baby zinc and iron. .

5. Blue berry: Oh wait, this is MY favorite fruit! Blue berry’s blue color is the result of flavonoids called anthocyanin. According to the Book Mix and Mash: Adventures in the Kitchen for Baby and You, anthocyanin is essential for baby’s eye, brain, and even urinary track development.

6. Lentils: Be as gentile as lentils! Lentils is rich in fiber and proteins and can give your baby a Christmas-packaged amount of great ingredients for healthy growth. Lentils are also very gentle with its humble price on the shelves. Have your baby enjoy lentils with a mixed combination of other veggie. She will LUVVVV it.

7. Prunes: If your baby is suffering from constipation, help her out with prunes. They have gazillions of fibers and easy to purée and eat with other food.

8. Mandarin Oranges: Antioxidants are very important for boosting baby’s immune system. Guess what? Mandarin oranges contain vitamin C and rich antioxidants that essential for your baby’s healthy defense! They are also very tasty and refreshing! Citrusy bites, yum yum!

9. Dark Leafy Greens: If your baby is having a yuk factor against leafy greens, start with tiny bits. Dark leafy greens are rich in iron and folate that can strengthen baby’s organs like liver and kidney. Make your baby a mini Popeye – more spinach please!

10. Yogurt: Calcium and Vitamin D is great for developing healthy bones and teeth for your baby and yogurt has them all! You can start giving your baby yogurt 6 months after birth. Yogurt will definitely help the performance of your baby’s immune system and build healthier brain and heart.