Sleep tight, mommy! Sweet dreams, my little one!

A big yawn and rubbing eyes are natural signs that your little one is ready for bed time. Pulling ears and arching backs are a bit subtler, but even more telling! After placing her safely in the crib, you might be tempted to release a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the shoulder… “My day is finally over…” But that very night, you might end up finding yourself jumping at your feet at 2am by the sound of the baby alarm. Starting your day way too early again?

Many parents wonder why their babies seemingly stay up all night. Sleep training is an intricate and time consuming process for most babies. Many not-so-enthused-about-sleeping-at-night babies tend to snooze during the day but stay alerted – even active –  after the nightfall, like little baby owls. The best advice for putting these babies to sleep at night would be training them to feel the difference between day time and night time. Make your home as bright as you can during the day and keep your baby on top of activities and entertainment. This also means mommies have to be active too! Then, when the sun sets, do exactly the opposite. Reduce the noise around the house, minimize activity, and keep your little one’s room dark. It’ll take “some-used-to” time, but be sure to monitor that your baby is getting just the right amount of naps during the day. A little too much can lead to a lot of entertaining at 3 in the morning.

How many naps should my child be taking during the day?

0-3 months 4-5 naps per day
3-6 months 3 naps per day
6-14 months 2 naps per day
15-36 months 1 nap per day


How much sleep does my baby need a day?

0-3 months 16-18 hours
3-6 months 15 hours
6-12 months 14 hours
12 months 12-13 hours

By 3-6 months, your little one should be sound asleep for a full 12 hours at night with 3 one-hour-long naps during the day. Good luck!

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