STROE_BREAST_MILK<image from “Dr. Evans’ How to keep well;”(1917)>



There are two types of breast milk; Foremilk is the watery milk that comes out at the beginning of the feeding. After 5-10 minutes, the foremilk gradually change in color to white (Hindmilk) and the fat content and nutritional value also increases toward the end of the feeding.


Storing breast milk

You can either refrigerate or freeze your pumped breast milk. Refrigerating the breast milk preserves more anti-infective and nutritional qualities than freezing the milk. As a rule of thumb, refrigerated milk can be stored for 8 days, but let’s be on the safe side and try to consume it within 72 hours. Frozen breast milk can be stored up to 6 months, but try to consume it before it hits 3 months.

In case of freezing the milk, you have to remember the milk not to go over ¾ of the container because the volume of the milk expands as it freezes. Once get thawed, the frozen breast milk should not be placed back in the freezer. Put the unfrozen breast milk in the refrigerator.

Instead of using a microwave, place the frozen breast milk container in warm water before 20-30 minutes of feeding. We recommend not to mix the cold breast milk with the newly extracted breast milk.