If your baby’s teething, you may notice the following:

red and swollen gumsTEETHING2
red flushed cheeks or face
heavy drooling
biting or sucking
rubbing her ear on the same side as an erupting tooth
sleepless at night and wakeful during the day
not feeding as well
irritable and unsettled


My baby has a rash on her/his chin from dribbling. How should I treat it?
-Gently wipe the drool off your baby’s chin as often as you can with a soft cotton cloth. Be careful not to rub her chin as it may be sore. You could also smooth a barrier cream, such as petroleum jelly, on her chin at bedtime and before you take her out and about. This may help protect her skin from further irritation.

-Pressure on your baby’s teeth from chewing may relieve her pain. Nonetheless, your baby’s gums will be particularly sensitive at this time. This is why she may turn away from your breast or a bottle when she’s teething.


What are the best ways to soothe my baby’s painful gums?
-Rub a clean finger over your baby’s sore gums to numb the pain temporarily.
-Give your baby a teething ring. Solid, silicone-based teething rings are better than liquid-filled products, which could leak and can’t be sterilised. You could try putting the teething ring in the fridge for a while before giving it to your baby. Don’t put it in the freezer, as this could hurt your baby’s gums.