26 May How To Fly with Baby | from a real Comotomo Mom



How To Fly with Baby,
from a real Comotomo Mom

Traveling with a baby can be a big ordeal for new moms.  Here are some helpful tips from a Comotomo Mom who flew 11 times with her 7 months old baby.  Pretty impressive!

“As someone who loves to travel, I needed to figure out what works and what doesn’t when I had Luke. Feel free to pick and choose form the below tips”

  1. Always have two Comotomo bottle ready to go – You can take breastmilk through security or have pre-portioned containers of formula easy to access. I needed to check breastmilk a few times and actually got the dry ice and cooler form my local butcher/fish market.
  1. Have anything your little one is attached to – pacifier/toy clips are lifesavers. Toys with suction cups are also great for trays on the plane.
  1. Invest in a good carrier and a good travel stroller.
  1. If you need a passport for your baby, take the picture of your little one laying on a white sheet at home – propping them up without your hands in the picture are next to impossible.


  1. Don’t forget the mommy incentives- Checking a car seat and/or a stroller bag is free! I have packed everything in those bags before to avoid excess baggage fees.
  1. Every baby cries- I was mortified of being “that” person.. But people are more generous than you think! Being polite and apologizing with a smile will give you the “new mom-pass”.

Happy Trails.