12 Apr What a real Comotomo Mom says

2_5_friday_insta _FFFINALWe would love to share a feedback we received from a real Comotomo Mom, Ashlee Sanders.
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“Hi Comotomo!

THANK YOU for sending us these bottles, they are still the only bottles we use in our house. When we first received them, Jane was 3 moths old and exclusively breastfed. We needed to start supplementation due to slow weight gain and I was in a panic trying to find something to work for us. I tried Advent natural and the glass life factory bottles before hearing about your product. My baby would not take either. The very first try with a Comotomo bottle, she took it with almost no hesitation and little spill. I was shocked and sold. This bottle has been a miracle to us! She has always held the bottle around the large nipple portion, just as she does to my breast. I have felt relieved to have her enjoy feeding from a bottle as breastfeeding is not always an option. She was able to transition
seamlessly from breast to bottle and back to breast again. Currently, we are 50/50 breast and bottle feeding.

I have purchased more nipples as she has grown and they have worked very well. Thank you for offering different flow options. She did much better on a slow flow for a while. I appreciate being able to find these in major stores such as target and Nordstrom. I love the soft, light weight silicone design and have found the large parts very easy and quick to wash. No small parts to lose or break! I have not experienced any problems with air bubbles or my baby swallowing too much air. I love the vent design. My bottles show little to no signs of wear or yellowing. I try to hand wash but have also gotten lazy and used the dishwasher- they seem to hold up very well.

One point I might make is that I do wish the bottle was able to stand upright a little bit better. Due to the slim design at the bottom, the bottle almost always falls over onto its side causing a tiny bit of leakage. That being said, I’ve never had any major problems with leakage. I still do not feel that this impacts my overall delight about your product.

I have recommended to many people who have asked about my bottles. I will never buy another bottle for my babies- breastfeeding or not, I really have enjoyed the design and ease of Comotomo. I would be very interested in trying the teether as well, now that my baby is ready.

Thank you again for such an amazing product. It has made a world of difference for us.”