Perfectly Baby Finger Sized

Our teethers are perfectly sized to mimic those itty bitty baby fingers. They’re just long enough to stimulate the back molars, but short enough to prevent choking. Here’s a salute to hours of silent biting bliss!


Grab & Bite‘em… Everywhere!

We understand our little ones have a long way to go before they master the all important hand-to-eye coordination. That’s why we designed our teether to be easy to grab and hold for your baby’s tiny hands. Plus, there’re so many places for digging in their little pearly whites.

Comotomo products

Safe and Sensible Touch

We use 100% hygienic silicone, which is the safest and most sensible material available. Our teether is completely free of toxic chemicals and have just the perfect touch of softness and flexibility that your little one will love.

Comotomo teethers

Easy to Clean

Silicone is also super resistant to heat. You can boil them in water to sterilize, or just throw them in dishwashers for easy cleaning!