RN, Postpartum Doula
This bottle is definitely innovative! I love the wide nipple which promotes a beautiful latch! The vents, which are so simple and don’t require any extra cleaning steps, and the soft bottle, which completes your baby’s sensory experience, combine with the nipple shape to make bottle feeding as close as possible to breast feeding. My exclusively breast fed four month old had no trouble taking this bottle, even from me. The wide neck (3 inches!) is a cinch to clean, and there are no complicated pieces to clean and put back together. You won’t even need a bottle brush to wash this bottle. I can’t get over the feel of this bottle! The soft silicone is made to mimic the feel of a breast, and mothers know how much babies need to involve their hands in their eating. This bottle is much closer to nursing than any other bottle I have tried, and I have used many. At around $12 each they are a little more than some bottles, but that still isn’t much for the peace of mind that your baby will easily take this bottle and still love nursing. Comotomo is definitely the bottle I will use for my breast fed baby, and it will be my go to suggestion for other breastfeeding families.

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