It Began with a Simple Question… ‘Why?’

Comotomo was born in 2009 when its founder – a designer in the ever evolving tech industry – was perplexed as to the dearth of innovation in the baby bottle category. The imagery that prompted this curiosity was one of a colleague feeding her little one with what we’d today describe as a traditional long-neck bottle. Why didn’t baby bottles change with the times?

Challenging the Status Quo

This started a long and winding journey into design and R&D that gave birth to a rather odd looking baby bottle (especially at that time!). Everything about the status quo was questioned. Why should the material be plastic? Is a long-neck bottle the most practical shape? Are existing products truly designed with the baby in mind?

It’s a Hit!

Then something interesting began to happen. Our oddly beautiful bottle made its way to a few of our earliest customers and they were absolutely ecstatic! — “Finally! This is the only bottle my baby will take!” “This isn’t a bottle of milk. This is a bottle of freedom!” “This is a game changer.” — Something had struck a chord. In short time, our bottle became a #1 seller and we had created a whole new category within the baby bottle industry.


Over the years, we were blessed with the best customers ever, and our bottle managed to win some really great awards along the way. But our biggest badge of honor is that we truly believe that we are providing real value to our customers. So we developed a mantra to be “better than good”. We hope you’ll join us on the next stage of our journey as we introduce better and smarter products in the coming years!